Survey and Drafting Resources, with its wealth of survey knowledge throughout its years of operation, has many systems in place to enable a quality product delivered on time and budget.

Surveying and Drafting Resources are Driven by Innovation and embrace technological change.

Our survey equipment is current technology, maintained and calibrated to provide cost effective, accurate, reliable and repeatable results.

Knowing you have the right tool for the job is the key to a cost effective survey. This tool maybe a certain piece of equipment or the right staff member best suited to the job. The breadth of experience we have in the survey team, combined with the right equipment enables us to ensure you have the most effective solution to your need.

Survey and Drafting Resources are practicing Registered Surveyors in the Land and Mining Realms. Our Surveys adhere to world’s best practice for terrestrial measurement. Our Surveys comply with to the NSW Survey Spatial Information Regulation (2012), I.G.C.S.M Standards and Practices for Control Surveys (SP1 v1.7), Survey and Drafting Directions for Mine Surveyors 2013 (NSW-COAL), Coal Mine Health & Safety Act (2002) & Mine Health and Safety Act (2004). Our people are members of B.O.S.S.I. (Board of Surveying and Spatial Information), A.I.M.S. (Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors) & I.S.N.S.W. (Institution of Surveyors NSW).


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